Monday, October 1, 2012

Uke #4, The Hinano Paul uke


This is another mango uke that I made for my friend, Paul from California. He wanted a uke similar to Pablus's instrument, but with something that the others didn't have. He didn't care so much what it was, just that it was unique. So I surprised him buy inlaying an island themed silhouette into the bubinga fretboard. This was a lot of fun to make! The mango has a nice, warm tone and good sustain, with just enough punch to make it stand out.


The Village Woodworker said...

Beautiful work Fred. I like the sound of your ukes and your workmanship looks excellent. I have just finished my first uke, so I know the tribulations and joys of bringing one to life.
Fun isn't it.

Finkdaddy said...

Thank you, Tom! Yes, it is fun! I was a woodworker and uke player for years and for whatever reason it never occured to me to make a uke. Once I did I realized that was what I was meant to do. There's no turning back now!
I'm glad to hear you're making your own too. Keep it up!