Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sun and Moon Set

Here is a matching pair of sun and moon ukuleles that I made for a a friend of mine, Blair, and his wife. Blair runs an excellent cocktail/spirit blog called Good Spirits News. Please check it out!
Both have myrtle wood sides and back with rosewood bindings and macassar ebony fretboards. The sun uke has a port orford cedar top and the moon uke has a walnut one.
Both of these ukes were a joy to make and are easily my best builds so far.

Next I will be working on another walnut one and a uke made from some of the most gorgeous pistachio wood you have ever seen. Perhaps I will post some progress pics on that one as I go along so you can all see how I build. Thanks for your interest in what I'm doing!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Hale Ukulele Set

Hey, Folks! These next two ukuleles were an important set for me. They were commisioned by Ric and Monica of Hale Ukulele in San Diego. They wanted me to design and build a line of ukes to be sold as there store brand, but made by Leeward Lounge Ukes.

The first one is a beautiful myrtle wood uke with a MiSi pickup installed. The second one is made of curly mango. Both of them turned out terrific with a nice, mellow tone and a good amount of volume and pop.

There will be minor changes to design on the future Hale builds, like a smaller look to the bridge, but for the most part we're on our way!

I want to give a special thank you to Ric and Monica for their trust, support, and this amazing opportunity. Please check out their website, , or better yet, stop by their store if you are in the area.

#7, the first Mytle

This is a ukulele that I made for a woman, Sherry, from  the San Diego area. It is a Myrtle wood tenor with a Cedar soundboard,  Rosewood bindings, and a Macassar Ebony fretboard. I was very happy with how it turned out and, thankfully, so was she. Here is just a bit of the review she sent back to me,

"I got the uke about a half hour ago.  It arrived in perfect condition.  You did a great job!  I tuned it up and the intonation is excellent.  The workmanship is first rate.  The uke is loud.  I am impressed by how light it is – I've had a chance to play early ukes make by Joe Souza (Kanilea) and Kelii, and they were not as light or resonant as this uke.  I love the size – it's almost like a long neck concert which is great for me I don't like big bodied ukes.

It's really impressive how clearly the notes chime and separate on the upper frets, and the neck feels great.  I've got a couple of ukes that I got from a collector that are some famous makers, and this uke competes with them."

I really did feel as if I turned a corner on this build. It's not like it went together easily; it didn't. But I felt much more confident about the scope of what I was doing. I have really learned to like the sound of a cedar or spruce top. I love the high-end pop that they give, especially with Worth strings, which I am also having a love affair with.

Thanks again, Sherry!