Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sun and Moon Set

Here is a matching pair of sun and moon ukuleles that I made for a a friend of mine, Blair, and his wife. Blair runs an excellent cocktail/spirit blog called Good Spirits News. Please check it out!
Both have myrtle wood sides and back with rosewood bindings and macassar ebony fretboards. The sun uke has a port orford cedar top and the moon uke has a walnut one.
Both of these ukes were a joy to make and are easily my best builds so far.

Next I will be working on another walnut one and a uke made from some of the most gorgeous pistachio wood you have ever seen. Perhaps I will post some progress pics on that one as I go along so you can all see how I build. Thanks for your interest in what I'm doing!

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Anonymous said...

how can i buy these?